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This is an NSF-sponsored EDU project (DGE-1915780) in collaboration by Dr. Cliff Zou, Yan Solihin from UCF, Dr. Xinwen Fu from UML, and Dr. Shuo Wang from UF. The detailed codes and instructions are provided on GitHub by Dr. Xinwen Fu.


Our IoT kit has two versions.

Lab Setup

We use an Ubuntu VM and Visual Studio Code with the PlatformIO Extension and ESP-IDF extension for programming.

IoT security and privacy Labs
  1. ESP32 via VS Code and PlatformIO
  2. ESP32 UART and Flash Hack
  3. JTAG Debugging of ESP32
  4. Basic OTA via WiFi on ESP32
  5. Secure ESP32 OTA through HTTPS
  6. MITM attacks against http and https through mitmproxy
  7. Network Security on ESP32 through Amazon AWS IoT
  8. ESP32 AWS IoT with ATECC608A
  9. Secure storage
    1. ESP32 Flash Encryption
    2. ESP32 Secure Key Storage
  10. ESP32 Secure Boot
  11. ESP32 Software Security Demo

This is a project sponsored by National Science Foundation.